Tuesday, February 4, 2014

static and stagnant..

time goes by. people move around. time is ticking. life is passing. here i am, standing here, unmoved by anything. remain static. not moving even an inches. physically and psychologically. although scientifically, it's a different story as you say you remain on one spot on earth, according to the universe, you've moved several thousands of miles due to Earth's rotation. seriously, does that even matter to you when the centre of your universe is you? you are the sun, the planets, the stars and the forces. you decide when you remain stagnant and make yourself the victim of consequences. you decide to live like a hermit with no value in your own perspective. you have no one to blame for your state of static and stagnant but yourself. please, dive within yourself to find that drive again. life will be long as well as short, remember, time is relative. it's you who decide how it goes. in the mean time, i am just going to be a lump in the middle of somewhere..



Go land your writing talent somewhere Sai. :p It worth thousands.

junior_sysco said...

lol, i am an emo blog writer.. if i were to publish a book, i hope it wont cause mass suicide movement..