Monday, February 3, 2014

worth nothing..

what is life when you're not living? when your sole purpose is to serve others and hide all your wants and dreams. what is life if dreams is not a part of it. so literal, so real in the reality that you share with others but not through your own set of eyes. imagination is bound by responsibility that you see right in front of you but you still cannot grasp the meaning of it. what is such a life? a drag?

your words mean nothing. your actions have no impact. your appearance goes unnoticed. your existence is unnecessary and at times, a waste of space. is that your self worth? nothingness? zero? empty? is that.. you?

you've been thinking of the future, anxiously. you've been thinking of the past, regretfully. you've been living in the present.. or are you not? one must be at peace in order to appreciate what they have at the moment, but can one achieve peace when past and future throw their burdens onto one's shoulder? let bygone be bygone and we do not know what future has in store.. is life that simple of an expression?

brain and mind. two entities, one body. one is an organ and another is a perceived concept. one may have brain but not mind but in order to have mind, the vessel, that is brain, must be there. however, more and more, the vessel is doing all the talking while the concept is keeping quiet at the back of the head. hence, mindless words and utterance were spoken. they cannot be considered as speech for they are worthless and brings no message but only harm, to the speaker as well as the receivers. to be honest, one should sit down and let the two sync with each other. then, world will be a better place.. will it?