Wednesday, March 19, 2014

starting anew, somewhere away..

comfort of the home. that is something that we really want in our life. to have a place to put ourselves in and feel at ease and secured. a place that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the world beyond the door. for some, home means a house, while for others, it means the hometown, the whole city and for some others, their home is not where they come from, but the place they have made for themselves and feel comfortable at.

for me, i consider the home i am in right now is my home. or is it? do i associate this place to me as home because i was raised here or i sincerely feel like this place is home to me? i have yet to decide on that matter because to be honest, i have no definite answer. then, it came to me, should i build my own home? a home that was built based on my memories of the past and future and also will have all the essence of me. what if the home i am building is far from my current home? like a different country? will it be a home that i truly feel like i belong there?

the thing is, in the meantime of building the new home, where can i lay all my worries at? the home i have now will be too far away and i wont have the comfort of it easily accessed. or, will i be a vagabond, drifting from one place to another to find some comfort but never stays at just a place? home..

this is my fear talking. i know in order to move forward, i will need to face this fear and make it my friend. to be honest, i think i am ready..