Wednesday, January 21, 2015


it is time to part with the old and in with the new. ceh, as if i am talking about something major, when in fact i am just talking about getting this blog a new template. well, the old template was nice ( i sincerely love the flying away heart balloon illustration in the design, that is so special to me) but as time goes by, i don’t think the template is relevant anymore. well, i have made some growth and it is about time the place where i pour most of my thoughts grows as well. it is a way for me to convince myself that it is time to move forward in life. ceh, i sound so old when i just reach a quarter of a century.. well, that doesn’t help in lessening the feeling of being old.. hahaha

anyway, after a thorough search, i have decided to go with this look. nothing special. it is just a look that i responds to. a look that i look at and i say, i will make you mine. hahaha i am picky and to please me, it is all about pleasing my instinct. if it feels right, it is right. i am simple but the simplicity is complex. pergh, attempt at being philosophical over there. hahaha not gonna work!

anyway, new look!