Thursday, January 15, 2015

finally, something!

i have finally got a job! woo hoo! yeah, i think this is something that i should celebrate although deep in my mind i have this voice saying "shh, be quiet, give it a try first, then decide whether you're happy or not". but after months of unemployment, this actually makes me feel like i have accomplished something! so, a big woo hoo to that! whether it will work out or not, time will tell. i must not worry about things in the future because it's unknown.

the job sounds promising. though it is not directly in my field (to be honest, far astray), but i am willing to take a chance on it. hey, i'm only 24 going on 25, i should not worry much, this is my time to explore. who knows this might probably be my calling? remember, fate has been playing a weird game with me and something that i thought i dislike the most could possibly be the thing i might be good at. hahaha i hope.

one thing that i like is that i get to develop modules again! woo hoo! if they are good enough, they might be published and produced to be used throughout the nation! like what? again, that's would be a great achievement but i am not counting my blessing just yet because i have no idea what the future has in store for me. in the mean time, let me prepare myself to the reintroduction to the working world. please let this be the one! or the road to something better..



The Jeweller said...

Congrats, kaka! Kerja apa?

junior_sysco said...

kerja dgn sasbadi.. i'll be teaching people basic robotic skills using Lego Mindstorms EV3 besides maintaining the robotic kits.. then, i am also asked to develop modules to accompany Lego StoryStarter set for maybe BM and BI teachers.. hahaha cam jauh gila lari bidang..

Haki said...

Congrats, Sai!