Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Being attacked..

This past few weeks have been hard on me. I felt like I was being attacked mercilessly by the people around me. Everyone expects something from me and I don't even know if I can cater to their expectations. It was difficult and to be honest, until now, my mind is racing, thinking of possible ways and direction the next attack will come. People are getting to see the vulnerable and weakerside of me, the side I always keep hidden from most people most of the time.

From all these experiences, I learn some new things about myself. I realise that my "I don't care about what is being thrown at me" face is so damn strong.. Nobody realises the person inside of me was already crumbling for weeks before it started showing signs two weeks ago. The whole time, everybody thought I was doing fine when in fact, I was screaming inside with agony and sadness.

The attacks are nowhere near over just yet. I must be ready for the next strike.mi am currently waking on glasses.. Shards that can harm me if I step too hard or lose my focus.. I must be aware of everything, everyone.. I am fighting a war..