Thursday, June 25, 2009

things to do and things that happened..

haah.. who would have thought that preparation to uni can be this tiring.. from one thing to another.. and still.. until now.. im not fully ready yet.. okie.. let me tell you about things that have happened.. yesterday.. we went to my mother's former office to look for confirmation on the form.. and what a shock to find that most of my mom's ex colleague are no longer there.. most have either moved or retired.. hmm.. no more familiar face lor.. but still she can find her old friends there.. talked for hours.. duh, understandable.. then, we settle our job and start moving.. okie.. let me tell you.. previously, it rained.. so the road was rather slippery.. okie, back to the story.. while driving.. we saw one of the ost weird and kind situation happened right in front of us.. a taxi driver stops his vehicle and went out of the car just to help a small child to cross the road.. how nice of him.. he makes me think that there are still people who are that good and kind-hearted.. then, we continued our journey.. and we saw a bad accident.. let me just say.. both cars dont look like cars anymore.. and to our surprise.. we almost make a 2nd accident there.. luckily we stopped in time.. huhu.. talk about blood rush.. then, we almost get into another accident again.. in less than 5 mins.. say what!! then.. we drive to home.. with a dumbstruck look on everyone's face.. lol.. so, moral of the story.. sometimes.. good things are followed by bad things..