Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day goes by..

Finally, internet is within my reach. That can only mean one thing, yes people, I am back in SA and my new semester has begun. Seriously, I want to focus on my study more this semester since I was so not focus about it last semester. All due to what? None other than the usual people of my age and stage of life most significant conflict; intimacy versus solitary. Or easier said love or more specific matters of the heart. Haha, very particular huh about a term. So, this sem, all disturbances form that matter are no longer exist (that means I broke up and had no one to rebound and seriously trying to move on), I surely hope education and studies is my new priority.

Oh yeah, we also have entered the New Year. Hello 2011, bye bye 2010. With this new year, I wish for all the good thing to come and make my life more meaningful and prosperous. No more heartache I wish. Friends, I hope I can get more of them later and achieve a few more success that I could be proud of. Hmm, okie, that is all for now. Later..

*new year*