Wednesday, January 5, 2011

please be there..

if you guys think that this going to be a love post due to the title; the post where a person writes about his or her longing to someone he or she loves and cares so much and hope that person loves him or her back and be there where they suppose to meet; you guys are absolutely... WRONG!!! this is a post about shopping to be honest. how shopping and the title relates? here it goes..

i went to the shopping mall, alone, after settling some stuff i need to do at the post office, to buy some things that i need for the survival of myself here in my rental house. but, before that, i have a feeling that i want to look for new handphones since my current phones are safely said.. SICK and SAD.. my sister once said that my phones are having gadget AIDS because they are deteriorating slowly (whatta?!). i am buying a phone not because i want fancy phones or i want to show off, it is just i need new ones to continue living. wow, how phones effects my life. so, i went to the place where most phones are bought here in SA.

i was looking for a phone that will suit me. a person who talk less, message more. QWERTY keypad is a must. i have seen how my phones suffers due to my extensive messaging. pity them, so my new resolution is to find a phone that will not suffer much. but once i am there i am appalled..

the place is crowded by that super-trendy-phones-that-are-too-expensive-for-the-features-it-has-that-i-will-never-afford-to-have-due-to-its-nonsensical-charges-and-high-price-machines. seriously people, i think most of you know what the brand is, i am so not promoting it on my blog. seriously, they are just too much, i am left with no choice. haish, please be there, things i want the most.

*please be there*