Thursday, April 28, 2011

Be Considerate, Please?

I am writing this due to what just happened to me a few hours back. Okie, I am having my exams today (April 27, 2011) and I find it hard to sleep last night because someone has been snoring loudly. When I say loud, I mean real loud. Like the whole house could hear it. Omg, how am I going to sleep with such a sound? Okie, I have been sleeping with people snoring near me for the longest time since some of my family members snores, but not that loud. I know you cannot do anything to decrease the volume so I am not really mad. I finally sleep after hours of agonizing pain in my ear and I am too tired to stay awake. Then, after I finally got my sleep, suddenly I was rudely awakened by noise. Yes, someone listened to music loudly at let me see, 7 in the morning! Gosh, seriously! I am just about to have my sleep since I cannot sleep the night before and now this disturbance early in the morning. You know how I was in the verge of screaming to that person to just be quiet! Haish, I know you woke up early and all but please think of those who are still sleeping. Not enough that you torture those people with your snoring, now loud music? Homagad, I feel like killing someone.

People who had known me will know how much I appreciate quietness. I do not listen to music on speakers but headphones instead, I don’t put the volume to the max, just enough to listen. I am a peaceful person who treasures quietness to the max. So please, be considerate. I do not want to go screaming just to have some quietness. That is so unlike me. I know you might think it is that person’s right to how he or she wants to listen to sounds and all, but please remember, there are other people with different interest in the same place, please look around and open your mind okie? Thanks.

*I need some sleep*


dydy midnite said...

Sabor je la...ape kata you tegur dia lepas ni, maybe dia akan terima kot.