Wednesday, April 6, 2011

life at this moment..

hectic. that is the correct word to describe my life at this moment. there are just so many things to do and get ready for. seriously, at times, i feel like i just want to lie down anywhere, let it be on the floor or on the carpet, just to lose my eyes and take a breather. but sorry sir, no can do. life must go on and no matter how tiring and hectic it is, you will just have to face it. huhu, the sad reality. is it me or reality is always sad, not like fantasy.

even now, i still have several things to be finished. like writings stuff and read for tests. haish, no wonder my seniors said that my current part is the beginning of hell. wait, if this is the beginning, how about later? are we will be dwelling in hell? man, that does not sound interesting at all. but nevermind, keep that in the future, now i will just focus on things in the near future like tomorrow and the week after. that is more crucial that dreading over something that is yet to be confirmed. huhu.

stress has been uplifted i think. well, for others they may say that this workloads gives them a lot of stress. well, i do not work like any other. i love workloads. it makes me forget my personal life, which is the main reason behind all my stress. so, mounting works on me is actually a bliss. i never fret having a lot of work. i love them. haha, call me freaky, this is just me.

now, i shall do some more work. work that has been on hold for quite some time. then, i will read some notes for tests. okie, till later. tata

*student mode is on*