Thursday, April 28, 2011

I have moved..

Okie, it is not that I am closing this blog. What I mean is what happened to me in my real life. I have moved away from my previous rental house due to the event that has been mentioned before in this blog. No need for elaboration I think. So yeah, I am just informing about my move.

My new house is not that far from my old house but the situation is way different. I am no longer living in the middle of sky and land, but I am on ground this time. There is grassland right in front of my house. Okie, I love the smell of nature when I wake up. Oh, outside my room is an empty slot of land and there are trees there and seriously these make my room cool. Can you imagine waking up feeling like catching a cold although you sleep with no fan on? Yup, that is how cold is my room. Hehe. For now I am still living alone in my room, as my other tenant is not here yet. But I am thinking of getting the room all for myself, but that is still in consideration.

One thing that I miss about my old house is the view. Yes, I have the stalker view because my house was so high and I can see a lot of things that is happening in nearby places. Huhu maybe it is time I start new hobby. Another is the quiet I feel when I am all-alone. Here, everything that happened outside can be heard clearly. Huhu, at times it is scary. Haha. Seriously, I have been terrified by the sound that I have heard here but I am pretty sure those are human made. I hope!

So, that is all about my new house. Oh, one thing that I need to mention is that I do not have any internet connection at my new house. So, expect the absence of me from this blog, twitter, facebook and many more websites that I am usually found. Huhu.
Seriously, I am still adapting to living without Internet. If you are close to me, then you should lnow how attached am I to the net. Haha. So, I shall be in the real world more than in the digital world. That is something that I need to learn.