Friday, April 1, 2011

I shall not be someone’s rebound..

Okie, you just had your breakup from a 2 years long relationship 2 days ago. You say to everyone that your heart is broken. You say that it will need time to heal the heartache. You say that the memories remain in your mind although you have tried your best to get over it. And I accept it all totally. With no sense of doubt. At all.

But today you came around to me asking to get to know me. Doing the things people always do to have someone hands and heart in their possession. Asking me to fill in the void left by the one before. To be honest, I am not that stupid okie. I know what this it. This is rebound. You just need someone to get over the other one. And of all people, you chose me? Like why? We only talked once and we only met in a brief moment and we did not even say hi. And now, you expect me to be a rebound? No way! I am too worthy to be someone’s rebound. I should be loved, not compared. Bear that in your mind.

Whatever it is, no matter how much I adore you, seriously, I am more to a fan than a friend; since I love your work, not you. I will never agree to be your rebound. I will be too stupid to do so. Sorry, come back when you are ready to love me, not to just let me fill the void.