Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I want to be with my Mum..

Yesterday, I went to my aunt’s place for a feast. It is just a small feast to celebrate her new house. I think it is housewarming. Whatever it is, the main story here is meeting my mum. Although I just got back to my hometown last few weeks, about two weeks ago if I am not mistaken, but I seriously, or dearly miss my mum. Seeing her yesterday make me feel so happy. Especially seeing her in KL, which is something that is so rare, it is like she came to me and not I go back to her. So, yeah, I was extremely delighted.
It was all easy until the night arrived where I need to get back to SA due to the fact that I have no more shirt and pants to wear. So, I need to make a move earlier than everyone else. Gosh, it was so hard separating from my mum again. I actually hold my tears all the time I was saying goodbye to her. Huhu, I seriously do not like SA and I do not want to be here. I want to be with my mum. But I remembered she said to me, finish up my studies first. So yeah, I will bear hopefully another year in this place that I have learnt to despise. All because of my mum.

*sobbing again*
(written on 2nd May 2011)