Tuesday, May 10, 2011


OMG, talk about the weather right now in this country. Why is it so hot? Seriously, after months of rain and comfort, this sudden hotness is so unacceptable. Once it was so cold until you can catch flu easier than catching a standstill butterfly, now it is so hot, migraine is just your new best friend. I seriously cannot sleep at night since fan is still not an item in my room. I have to fan myself manually, by hand, using the fan I got during the last Bon Odori. This happens every night and day. Every time I enter my room.

Why with the weather change? Is it a result of global warming? I thought global warming cools the cool weather and heats the hot weather? So, the previous weather has been cool, so it should get colder right? Not hotter. Or maybe the nation itself, like literary heated up due to the fact that the oil price is hiking again (okie, random much, environment do not have feelings, how can it be mad by the things that make people mad?) I do not know, but one thing for sure, the heat is unbearable. It is like the world is telling or giving a clue to the living of how hell will be. About 300 times hotter, that is all, or more. Who knows, I have never been there.

Gosh, as I am writing this, I am sweating like a pig (ironic much, pig does not sweat; it is a fact, hence the rolling in the mud, it has no sweat to cool its body, the mud does the work for it). My room feels like an oven. I feel like making a cupcake batter and leave it in my room and check it out next morning weather I can have cute little cupcakes without even baking it due to the hot weather. Seriously, I talking and rambling about nonsense. Blame whom? What else, the hot weather of course. Loss of water makes you go slightly cuckoo. Or in my case, big time major cuckoo. Huhu, I am tired, I shall rest and sleep now. In the room that tells me the story of hell and its fire.

*seriously hot and heated*