Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Movie night

After the longest time, I finally went out for a movie night. Actually, this was my second plan to catch a movie that same week. The first failed due to technical error (my phone was dead and my friends could not contact me) and the second was a success, although with several changes in the plan. Here are some of the things that happened that night.

We wanted to catch Pantas and Garang 5 (this is according to the ads, for those of you who are still blur on this topic, it is Fast and Furious 5 or for short Fast Five P/S: didn’t it sound a little bit like Fab Five, you know from the show Queer Eye for Straight Guys?). Then, we need to think of a new movie to catch. The choice was between Thor and The Roommate. Finally, due to some reasons (the actual reason was Natalie Portman!) we decided on Thor. Luckily, it was not a waste. Oh, just before we get to enter the room, the wait was agonizing, can you imagine they only open the room only 5 minutes before the movie started? Imagine the number of people waiting in the hallway. Then, when the room was finally open, there goes a stampede into the theatre. Haish, when will people start behaving like they are civilized and not Neanderthals?

Moving on, the movie started, but during the ads before the movie started, I realized there is something wrong with the sound system. But, with a positive mind, I said to myself, it would not hurt the movie. Unfortunately it did. At first it was okie although very much annoying then, it started to lose larger chunks of sound until we lost a part of the movie where Odin fell into an Odin Sleep. Now, “What” became a swear words since it was silenced (silencing is a method use to censor vulgar words). Seriously, the sound is similar to a broken or badly scratched vinyl and amplified by the Dolby surround system. Bleargh..

Then, the people in the movie are just plain weird. First, they laugh at wrong part of the movie, like when a son is showing great disobedience to the father, they regard it as funny. Huh? Another part, one of the warriors is about to be destroyed by the Destroyer and they decided that people’s fear of death is a laughing matter. I was like whatta? Haish, let use not talk about the unnecessary comments that I have to endure all the time I was watching the movie. Hello, if the TV in your house is so nice, why are you still watching the movie? Go home.

But the movie was nice. Okie, it is predictable and stuff like that. Who cares? It is adapted, so it is predictable. But I sense a lot of emotion coming from a superhero movie. That is something new. The Thor guy (Chris Hemsworth, brother of Liam Hemsworth from The Last Song) is Hotness! Like seriously. And Natalie Portman is just divine. My most favourite moment is when they both blush when the look in each other’s eye. Gosh! Haha. Anyway, I am sure there will be a sequel. Oh, before I forgot, that Heimdall guy, man, is he funny.

After the movie ended, we decided to trash about another movie, not that movie. Random much. Then, we headed home since it is already late and no place is operating at this hour. All in all, it was fun, both the movie and the outing. Finishing up 5 sour strips, eating gummy bears and marshmallows. Huh, I seriously need another movie night out. Huhu, ungrateful being.