Sunday, September 25, 2011

The exact replica..

So, I met this new person. To be honest, I found the person to be quite cute. Nothing great if compared to those who had came into my life before. But, nonetheless still possess same characteristics and charms that captivate my heart. Well, I can never go far from what I used to have since that is what we call as taste. So, they are similar but different in some ways. Obviously a different person.

However. It bothers me somehow that the person is looking like an exact replica of one of my friend’s ex. Do not worry, I have checked and nope, they are not the same person only that they looked the same. So, I am somehow in doubt whether to go forward or not with the whole thing since that friend of mine is so not over the ex.

What? It is not that I am scared that my friend will try to have the new person. It is the annoyance of constant repetition of your person looks like my ex and telling their so sweet love stories all over again. I cannot bear that! Plus, I am sure that the friend will be extra annoying by wanting to know what will we both do since that friend have some possessive issues. OMG, seriously, I do not know what to do.

So, the whole reason for me considering is not because of the new person and the flaws, but to avoid annoyance from a friend. Weird consideration right? Well, that is just me. I overanalysed everything.