Wednesday, September 21, 2011

a very late/early post..

it has been a while since i last write a blogpost. well, the main reason would be i am deprived of inspiration. nothing in my life currently excites me. i am just mere living, but not living a life. hmm, maybe because now with Tower is gone and i have no focus on anyone to be my source of inspiration, it is very hard for me to write. what? love drives you to do stuff okie. one of it is writing.

anyway, updates on me is right now i have a job. yes, you heard me right. i got the job for the sake of the extra money which i really need in order to continue running errands in my life. haha. okie, my workplace is actually at the place where i am studying. i am a lecturer's assistant. well, the idea to work came to me when i saw a friend of mine is doing the same thing. so, i think, whattaheck, let me just try. so far, it has been okie. busy, well you are working, obviously business is part of it. but the thing that is cool but in the same time not cool is having an office of my own. a rather big room for myself alone but that is the place allocated for me. so, i'll be alone for the maximum or maybe minimum of 2 hours everyday. huhu, doing some filing work.

seriously, at first i thought the life of a lecturer is easy but after working, i know it is kinda hellish to be honest. with all the bureaucracy and stuff. linkages, omg, i don't know whether i am strong enough to face them later. as for now, i am grateful that i am just a student. talking about student life, this semester, i have a subject form my favorite field, what else? linguistics! it is sociolinguistics. the study of relationship between society and language. hmm, the subject is nice but the class is not. it is rather dull and monotonous. well, maybe this is just the 2nd class, so not everyone gets the hang of it. i bet later it will be great! i hope =_=

that is all for now, anyway, as i am writing this, i am waiting for Elika to write on my Hardisk which has just been formatted due to virus. to kill the time, i write. awesome!!