Tuesday, September 6, 2011

change of plan..

well, as most of you have noticed, i have been missing for the past 4 months. well, it was the holiday, i am at home in Penang and sadly, i have no internet access there. wait, to say no is overreacting, i do have internet access but it's 1515. those of you h=who have no idea what is a 1515, it is your typical phone line used to gain internet access. the top speed is..... 50.6 kbPs. Sad, very sad. so, that is the reason behind my disappearance. huhu.

anyways, earlier, i had mentioned about my plan to stay at SA and work to save some money for my own usage. the plan was nice, the planning was impeccable but the execution... FAIL! i went home and the time that i was supposed to come back to SA, i fall sick. hence i stayed home and do nothing. yes, absolute nothing. everyday, i just do chores and watch tv. seriously, no life at all. huhu..

then, i planned to lose weight last holiday. result? fail with flying colours. in fact, i gained a lot of excess weight during the holidays. however, it came to me that maybe i should just embrace my weight rather than fretting about it and see no results after doing a lot of effort to bring it down. i am accepting. huhu. so what if i am fat, if you say things to me, it is just because you are insecure. nuff said.

that is the changes in my plans throughout the hols. just hope this sem will go smoothly, i hate changing plans..

*critical thinking*


dya anne J said...

Samalah sai oiiii, i pun tak kurus ;( LOL