Wednesday, September 14, 2011

i am not happy..

i was hoping for a better environment. i was hoping for a new change. a change that will bring me happiness or at least, peace at heart. well, guess what? i am asking too much actually. it never rains on my life, it pours. my life is a never ending series of unfortunate events. omg, do not let me get started with it.

i thought i will find peace. well, until now, i have not. i am constantly being hurt by the situation or people around me. well, people who are close but to no apparent importance to my life. get what i mean? people who i see everyday but never know who they are. so friends, do not worry, you guys are not a part of this. well, some of you be worried because you guys might be some of the reason why am i not happy. wait, i dont think that friend reads blog anyways.

seriously, it is so bad that i am on the verge of sanity everyday. the depression i am feeling from day to day is gaining bit by bit. and no one knows except those few i have selected.

i dont think i want to write about it. let it be la..