Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Have not read a single thing..

Since coming back from SA, I have not read a single book. Well, there have been a few comics but no book; you know those which are filled with words and with little or no illustration at all. I have no idea why. I actually like the idea of reading books but this time around I just could not find any book that captures my attention. A book that excites me. A book that allows me to imagine a world that is not known to others but me. I just could not find the book.

Seeing a few of my friends posting pictures on social media sites on books that they have read so far is actually depressing. I used to be that kid who reads a lot. But no longer. I don’t know what stopped me. Or maybe I just want to enjoy trivial things for a while, you know things that do not ask me to think a lot, just do and be done with it. Huhu, it’s funny that I am troubled that I am not reading. Usually, I am troubled when I have to read, not the opposite has happened. Mind, make yourself up :P.

*looking for books*