Friday, May 29, 2009

Love.. when it will hit me..badly..

Sometimes when we found someone that we like so much and we think that he/she could be the person for you.. it is not really love.. it is mostly a crush.. usually they are just too perfect to be real.. and you never have a chance to get that person.. not in a million years.. love is usually given by someone you will never care for at first.. then that person enters your heart slowly and finally get implanted there.. and he/she usually doesn’t possess all the things that you want in a person.. he/she will have his/her share of flaws.. but these are things that make you attracted to him/her.. im longing for that person to appear in my life.. i want to share my life with that person.. through thick and thin.. sometimes living alone is simply dull.. nothing much to say.. no one to talk to.. yes, family is a place where you could find comfort.. but not all can be shared with them.. like your wildest desire.. heck i will never share that with them.. never.. i miss the feeling of security when the person is around.. when the world feels like it belongs to us.. and yes.. im a PDA person.. i show my love to my loved one in my public.. so what.. it’s a free country.. love.. when will you appear again in my life??..

*missed being loved*