Tuesday, May 5, 2009

not wanting to be where i am right now..

it is a very weird feeling.. when we are somewhere.. we always want to go away from there.. but once we are at the place.. we feel like going away to another place that we have just left.. that is what im feeling right now.. i always want to be back at hoe when im away but once im home.. i feel like i dont want to be there.. i feel trapped.. the discontentment that i feel is seriously torturing.. hate it but i just cant do anything about it.. save me..



Anonymous said...

lol.. sai.. that happens to everyone...

guess theres no such thing as running away huh??

Ariff Dean said...

baru balik rumah je nk balik shah alam dah haha
nagging sister, parents that just wont understand you

Hunkiecrush said...

go out and enjoy lahh.
ure a big guy (ke?) and supposed u can
do anythink u lyk with limitation of course.
i am enjoying my lyf here in taiping
and even tho i got lot of friends and scandals who
arent from taipink i still feel taipink
is like HOME. ;l
enjoy lol every moment of your life
dont stress out. :)