Friday, May 29, 2009

This is a hate post..

Caution: this is a hate post.. It is written when I am seriously mad at something that just happened to me.. It started just like the usual, nothing much, but later the matter totally annoys me.. I felt sabotaged.. betrayed.. by someone who i respected before.. although i never look at the person that high before.. i always know she hates me.. it is shown by her gestures.. her words.. her action.. whenever i am around.. but it is just me and i think it doesn’t hurt her at all.. and i never thought she would do something so dishonest like this.. so what.. if you have problems with me, just tell it to my face.. don’t need to stab me from behind.. this is concerning my future and people’s impression on me.. you could just say it to me.. not attack me where i got no authority at all.. i call this dirty and sleazy.. someone that people look high upon and give education on something so holy can be so low.. shame on you.. yes, no one is angel and you can always hate other people.. but giving something so undeserving to the person that you hate is just plain bad.. we call it ‘Zalim”.. not putting something where it deserve to be.. seriously.. i never see this coming.. and now it hurts me badly.. i thought we are supposed to be honest in our work and never let personal matters meddle with works.. well, i think this has gone too personal.. seriously, what was playing in your mind when you decide it.. i don’t want to know and i don’t want to see your face again.. you have just put bad impression on all your colleagues in my point of view.. you just have to judge someone from the way they bring themselves and not the work they have done, eh.. im disappointed.. let just hope im the last person that you do this to.. because remember the principle of karma.. what goes around comes around..

*concoction of hatred and madness , with a pinch of disappointment*


Hunkiecrush said...

tell me sai, who that person is.
i'll mop her face. :k

sysco said...

i cant say it here..
just a clue..
we see her every thursday..
u see her first.. then me..

Ariff Dean said...

i think i know who she is...