Thursday, May 14, 2009

mixed feeling because of current situation..

i cant really say what are my feelings right now.. they are all mixed up.. like potion in a witch's cauldron.. all gooey and shiny.. very prominent.. im happy for myself and the chance to might continue my studies in the field that i've been in the past one year.. but im also sad to lose my friends who didnt get the interview.. they are really, very close to me and knowing the fact that they might never be seen by me again is sad.. very sad.. things will never be the same without them.. im uncertain about starting a new relationship with someone.. it's because im uncertain about my own feelings.. am i going out with the person just to forget someone else or i really love the person.. i do not have the heart to break another person's heart as it hurts me to.. im excited about some events that are about to happen.. i give people advices on things in life.. but i sometimes stumbled in life.. i just dunno what to feel in life.. right now..



Hunkiecrush said...

were all in this together sai.
im with you. :)

Zouq said...

yeah...remember..whatever it is..shining..cloudy..gloomy..happy...
we are with thick and thin...
hmm..we have to accept life
we have someone..we lose someone..a cycle in life
but yeah...u r the good adviser

Anonymous said...


its freaky how we'd always end up in the same boat.. lol..

i guess, wat im trying to say is... we shud hold on together yeah?
at least.. there's still a chance we're gonna see each other again..

pray hard that we'd get together again..

= )