Sunday, September 26, 2010

MBMB camp..

this is the name of the camp that came up at the most wrong time. i must say, i dreaded to go to it at first. mainly because i am a person who does not believe that people can put motivation in a person, the person need to put it by themselves. thus, upon hearing about the program, i have great reluctance. but, thinking of what will happen if i dont go, i went for it. seriously, i dread it.

it was off to a rocky start. the bus that was supposed to pick us up mistakenly went to the other campus. so, we were late by 2 hours due to all the waiting. seriously, everyone's heart just turned from sour to bitter by all the waiting. finally, the bus arrived and i must say, i went aboard with half a heart.

the bus moved. on the bus, i tried to sleep. but i just cant. luckily they screened Mantra in the bus, a malay horror movie which was recently out. okie, the story is sort of funny and scary at the same time. awang-awang.. haha. we make joke about the movie throughout the journey. we forgot about our reluctance for a while. finally, after a lot of laughter, we arrived at KBN Alor Gajah Melaka.

seriously, it went out just like how i expected it to be. to write it all here, i cant since it is part of the country act of secrecy. but i will just say, we learn about history, politics (mostly), have fun with activities such as repelling, night walk solo and others. then, we also make new connections. guess what, we were scared to get to know them and the same goes to them. no wonder we never talk to one another. haha, funny world. seriously, it was fun. the schedule are not strict and we were treated nicely. no scolding like little children. i like that.

one of the main event was community service which was cleaning up mosque area and cemetery. all do their work with enough effort. hahahaahaha.. no one really push it to the limit. then, it ends. finally. we also made connection with the facilitators since they are young and fun. they are not worn out uncle or aunties who are too engulfed by work and forgotten about life. all in all, it was good.

sum it all up, i was okie with it la. although im still a bit mad for the dishonesty from the organizing committee (just tell us what it is all about from the beginning okie) and the short notice, but the experience was fun.