Wednesday, September 1, 2010

im a straight forward person.. i cant help it..

the reason behind the writing of this post is because something people dont get me when im being honest directly. i never say an ugly dress okie but not for you, i will say it as ugly as that what i saw it as. i dont know the more polite way to give out my thoughts. i just lash them for you and you need not think a lot to digest the meaning. what i say is what i meant. so, im sorry of people got offended or such because it is just me, being myself.

this is usually a big problem when im turning down someone's offer to go out or whatsoever. i dont go around saying im tired or any other excuse, i will just say i dont want to. yes, im not good in taking care of people's heart. maybe because i dont mingle much with people. i just know how to express, but hardly have a clue on how to filter.

another thing about me if dont give hints about your dissatisfaction. i just dont get it. i dont get signs and gestures. i only digest verbal and action signals. i know you might say it is impossible for me to overlook such signals but it is true. i have hurt a lot of people and lose a few opportunities because i dont get signals. thus, be frank and say upfront with me okie. im okie with that. so what if i talk bad about you later, you did it first..

so, mind me if im blur by flowery words because i am straight forward. dont go around in giving your idea. make it a straight channel okie. easy for me to digest.

*tired of thinking*