Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a thing at a wrong time..

why do i call this activity that i am going this weekend a thing, without any adjective of quality whether it is good or wrong or bad? because i have no idea what to expect and how to categorise it. i just say it a thing then, to not severe my head more. anyway, the activity is a camp in Melaka.. God sake knows what will we do there..

it is said that it is a motivational as well as a community service activity since the exam is near. look at the sentence above. the exam is near la vavi.. what is the whole point wanting to do an activity in this critical hours. we all have planning and things to do, things that concerns our academic excellence. most of us just got assigned to a bunch of assignments and fieldwork to be done. all that takes time and this activity is nothing but a stupid big rock in the middle of the way. stupid.

then, it is told in extremely short notice. today is tuesday and they expect to do it this friday till sunday (TOT).. whatta? at least tell us before the raya holiday, then we would have prepared. although still have the reluctance in our hearts (okie, my heartis a sure, others i have no idea). the best thing was getting info on it. they have yet to discuss about what to do and the tentative is yet to be done. wow, you have the gut to inform without proper prior knowledge. how the system 'amazed' me. they are mind readers i think.

whatever it is, i think this is a thing done at a wrong time.



Lindonut said...

y do u guys hve to go anyways?

junior_sysco said...

just asked mama.. she said it is abt uitm networking with melaka state government and it is a motivational and community service program.. but still.. it's at wrong time..