Thursday, September 30, 2010

seriously, im tired and mood-less

nowadays, everything is a drag. i am not driven to do a lot of stuff i used be to so well driven. i sleep more than usual. and i always wake up feeling nothing but extreme misery and how dreadful life has been this lately. no answer to such feeling. it just happen. i try to recall for reason. it all goes back to none other but boredom. seriously, i am bored of life. whatta? i am barely 20 and all i could think of is when is this life gonna end or at least reach a turning point.

now, nothing works. i look at my pile of work and all i could feel is numb. yes, i am terrified by the whole consequences of not finishing them up, but im too numb to be affected by it. seriously, i think if my emotion is an organism, if you slit its cheek, it wont bleed and even scream.. it is just too numb and can be safely said, dead but alive. that is my latest feeling about myself.

i need to heal myself before it is too late. i need to go for a getaway.. maybe to the countryside for a while to seriously look into myself and be who i am again. i am in too much turmoil and seriously it kills me..



Lindonut said...

sigh. ppl face different problems kan. but no one is different enough to not have em at all. sigh.

junior_sysco said...

that is the hard fact of life.. problems will always be there. just dont let them consume you. mine is partially consumed unfortunately..