Saturday, September 18, 2010

Raya: Drama and Dullness

first of all, i would like to share my happiness that i finally got a replacement for my stolen lappy last semester. although i get it from a loan from my mom ( i will pay every semester eh Mama?), the main point is i get a lappy. at last, machine of happiness has return into my previously dull life. haha, exaggeration to the limit.. although it is a bit heavy than my previous one (nearly another half a kilo more!) but i will suit to it later. i am happy with it.. naming it Dominique.. whattaya think? oh, this is included in this post since i got it in raya season.. considered a raya gift.. bought with a bit of my raya money.. okie, a lot of my raya money.. huhu :(

okie, for the drama side.. this does not really involve me directly since it concerns a generation above me, my mom, dad and siblings. i cant say much as i am so not involved. but, drama during raya is so not welcoming right? drama should be kept later, not on the raya morning..pfft.. whatever it is, although it was heart aching for most of us, but we cool down the intensity by making it into laughing matter.. seriously, all the tears rolled down due to this matter has been flooded by the laughter that we made about it. haish..

then the next drama was me celebrating raya with an ex. haha, that is so crazy right.. of all the houses i could go to, i went to my ex's. got treated nicely by the family anyway, only slightly ignored by the ex. ah, like i care, i went there for the bonding okie, not reconciliation. luckily i went there with some of my friends (it was their idea!) so the silent treatment is not apparent. whatever.

the dullness part is ought to be since i am no longer a child. seriously, hari raya is so meaningful and fun when you were a child. once you grow up, responsibility took over the fun segments. damn it. thus, i cant say much. shop for baju raya alone. that is sad. why nobody want to accompany me? no big preparation were made either since we still are grieving over the passing away of my grandma. so, hari raya is slightly gloomy this year.

okie, that is it for raya update. will update soon since the writing machine is back!! i like..

*happy and sad*


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