Saturday, February 19, 2011

i feel so bad..

okie, first of all, i need to mention that as i am writing this, i am having a fever and diarrhea. well, it is so hard for me to fall sick but once i fell, it will be severe. so, that is what i am facing right now. a bit under the weather. but, that does not really bothers me as i think i need some rest, what bothers me is that this sickness comes at the wrong time. i have events going on. sale to be exact and i am part of the group. i could not attend the sale because i am too sick to even stand up straight. but seriously, i feel like i have let down a lot of people. people, please forgive me. i beg you.

then, tomorrow, i have another activity, i dont know whether i can be strong enough to join it. seriously, i feel like checking into a hospital and rest for several days. i am just too tired and sick..



MonnMonn said...

no la Sai. U better rest sampai u da sihat k. Kitorg okay2 jer.

junior_sysco said...

really? x pa, today if i feel better, i'll go and help..