Sunday, February 6, 2011

Someone like you

That is what I have been looking for since you walk away from my life. Someone who could give me that warm feeling I feel when you whisper in my ears that you love me. Someone who could give me the same shivers when you hold my hand and touch me to show me that you will always be there, by my side, through thick and thin. Someone who will give me the same secured and blissful feeling I feel when you put your arms around me. Seriously, I miss you damn much and I hate to admit this, but yeah, I have not moved on since the day you decide to walk away from my life. The day I realise that I have made a mistake that I could not revert. I know I sounded lame, but that is what I feel. Call me lame, I just could not be bothered.

Now, I have to live with the fact that you are no longer in my life and I have to go through it alone, all by myself. Gosh, I don’t know whether I have the strength to go through it. However, I have gone through it before, I just need to learn again how to do so. Losing support after so many years of dependency on it is so not cool.

I guess you might have moved on. Well, you usually heal fast since I have been giving you several ill treatments during all the time we were together. Well, it is not one sided, you too teach me a thing or two about cruelty. Hehe, seriously, we were abusive and yet we love one another. How ironic. Back to the topic, I think you have found someone new and I guess that person could give you the thing I could not give you. I wish for the best of you too, sincerely. I don’t hope for you to return since I know it is almost impossible for that to happen. There is only one thing I want to ask from you that is to not forget me. Seriously, I still hold tightly to our memories; both sweet and bitter. Bittersweet; that was what we were.

That is all I want to say to you. Seriously, I am still looking for someone like you.