Saturday, February 26, 2011

sadness overwhelm, anger elevated, trust demolished.

my laptop is lost again.

i seriously feel angry right now. i am full of anger. i need a place to lash out all the wrath in my heart. i feel like killing. killing is actually mercy now. i seriously hate that whole situation. i even thought of making a pct with the devil just to get revenge. it is not cool, i thought deeply of it, finally, i return to god. but still, the anger remains. the flame will never be put off easily.

i am sad. i am sad that i lost something precious and important. i am sad that i lost something that my late dad last bought for me. i am sad that i need to tell my mum sad news and make her feel uneasy. i am sad that i cried. i am sad because of the lost information and memories. i am sad that these things happened to me.

i trust no one now. i trust no one but myself. even that i have doubt sometimes. trust has been demolished the moment i found out that safe haven is no longer safe. i trust no one and i should not as world is filled with cunning and sly people who take advantage on every open opportunity.

i am seriously having one of the biggest emotional turmoil ever. i am angry at everyone. i trust no one. i am sad and all by myself. period.

*i hate this world*