Monday, February 21, 2011

Racism was never okie..

I don’t know why some people choose to be racist. For me, there is nothing nice in being racist. Yes, we do make racist jokes once a while, which I consider it as fine as it is in jokingly manner and although some hearts will be hurt, but not as badly as it will by a racist remarks. I don’t know why some people just think that they belong to a better ethnic group. To be honest people, I never think that there is any ethnic group higher than others. We are all the same. We may be different in skin colours and all, but still, we are all human.

Some use the basis of religion to be racist and give racist remarks. Like seriously people? I thought all religion in this world promote good and nice behaviour. No religion tells it followers to detest the non-followers and call them names that are not appropriate. Another thing, do you think by doing so, it makes you look like a pious person? Well, let me put it straight in your face. NO!! in fact, you just tarnished the name of your religion. Yes, we all have our belief system and we believe that it is the truth, but just because others choose not to believe, must we condemned them that harsh? Yes, we may call them the non-believers and lure them to our religion, but with that attitude? I don’t think so.

We live in a harmonious environment okie people. Just play cool and live well among us. Do not implant such thoughts in us and especially to the future generations. This is going nowhere. No matter how much you detest a race or races, they will still co exist with you. What? Thinking of major genocides? Well, I think in that case you should be the one to be eradicated. Like seriously.

*racism sucks real bad*


Ruby Jusoh said...

i second diz... :)
race x define who we are