Wednesday, March 30, 2011

emotional flushing..

this is actually a term i use with another friend of mine to say about the act of telling all you want about uncertainties, dissatisfactions, memories about the one you used to love to another friend in total, so that you could move on. it is like throwing everything in the cistern and flushing it down. hence the term emotional flushing. well, i have been doing this a lot with all my previous breakup, but for the recent one, i just did it last night. seriously, it helps ease up the burden i have been carrying for so long. in return, my friend, who is my emotional cistern is also flushing it all on me, because my friend also had just gone through a bad breakup recently. seriously, i never thought that something i developed when i was younger is still applicable until now. the drill is like counseling session only that this time no consideration should be made, you just need to pour out feelings and what ever is bugging you and then when you think it is over, you are entitled to end the session. that simple. you have the control.

the topic for emotional control may vary from love (the most common) to life matters, financial and even study. so yeah, last night session comprises all topic. we even talked about crazy idea what to do during this holiday. well, it is more to an emotional vacation than an emotional intervention actually this method is. but whatever it is, it has been great help to me and i think you guys should try it too..