Friday, January 30, 2009

blessing or curse?

one big question that plays in my mind for the whole day for the past few days is ' smartness: blessing or curse? ' i think it is a bit of both.. it can help u sometimes when no one could but can be a disturbance when others start referring to u for every single thing.. for people who dont really have it, they pray to have it.. but to those who have it, they sometimes pray they are not that gifted or smart.. ahhh, human.. will we ever learn to be grateful..
another question that has the same significant is concerning physical attraction.. is it really is a blessing to have it when u realised that it only brings heartbreaks to u or people around u.. beauty brings envy, hatred and even fights among people around u.. yet, people still chase for beauty.. some people said, mostly beautiful people are evil people.. there might be some truth to it.. if they are not evil, they might brings evil omen around with them.. bad things are bound to happen near beatiful people.. it is just the way of life..

will we be affected by it???
i wonder....


arlina said...

oh oh
i am so so agree

Hunkiecrush said...

argh. beautiful people are evil.

youre probably right
coz beauty slept with the beast because
she knew the beast is actually a hot guy back then.