Wednesday, January 7, 2009

updates on myself...

finally i got a chance to write in my blog after a few days of extreme busyness n absence. what's new about me? hehe, i bought a new phone.. must i write the details? it's unnecessary i think..

yeah, life just teach me several things..

u can never be sure on what will be happening next as we can never predict the future. such as how someone can just go away from your life at the most unexpected time. one minute they are here, next they are none to be found..

ur writing will show who u r inside.. though this may sounds scary but that's the truth.. people can always judge u from ur writing..

newly found confidence can brings up newly found relationship.. hehe, i know this may sounds corny and rather horny but then, it's true.. but rite now, let me just stay single so prevent future heartbreaks..

life, it is just full of mysteries..