Tuesday, January 27, 2009

no way...

updates on my life recently.. about the crush.. let just put it aside.. there is no way i could do anything with it because my family don't really agree with me.. huh, maybe something better may come by soon.. let just hope and pray..
anything else that happen in my life recently.. nothing much.. just normal.. just got home a few days ago.. long holiday ( not really, just 1 week).. working hard to finish up all my work.. love getting more rest than ever.. family gathering just a few days ago due to my uncle's engagement.. catch up with new stories.. and normal stuff.. like i have said.. life is normal for me nowadays..
hate it.. love to be more adventurous..



♥SyaFiẼ™♥ said...

Patience, bro... =P

maybe some other crushes, perhaps...