Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inner Expresssion..

huh, at last, one of my friend has come to his senses.. that that person is not fond of hm, instead just using him.. something that i've been trying to tell him again and again for the last few months.. he said he was blinded by love...
Yeah rite.. and yesterday we talked about it.. he told me that i was cruel because i am honest.. what the... sometimes honesty is the best, unbeatable policy.. hah, sometimes i wonder what took him so long to realise the actual situation..

another story.. have you ever confronted someone with problem of love, hate, unsure of their own feeling towards someone else?.. believe me, you will never want to be close or even know someone with this sort of problem.. it irritates you to the limit.. once you get involve, there will be no escape for you.. i know it because im also sometimes have this problem.. it is just plain irritating..

talk about something else.. what will you feel when you saw someone who looks exactly like your previous someone?.. will this irritates you?.. because you know that person is not the person you have once fall for but the looks is just the same.. you keep wanting to look at the person while knowing no response will be given.. it is like love it but hate it kind of feeling.. hah, love life.. it sometimes brings happiness but it also brings the worst misery of all the things in this world.. love it but hate it.. don't want to be in this situation but involved by fate..

another thing.. have you ever stumbled with people who can't accept who they really are?.. the people who are in deep denial.. but yet their behaviour show who they really are inside.. this kind of people are just sucks.. be true to yourself.. stop denying.. people know who you really are and believe me, people will talk behind your back.. unless you think back talking makes you famous, you may continue.. " keep talking shit, your making me famous.".. we know who you are.. if, not, let the inner self come out and just be yourself.. people will accept u.. just in case some can't.. let them be.. anybody with this attitude, leave it.. i hate people in denial state..

some people are just to nice.. up to the extend, sympathising people who should never get any sympathy from anyone... it is just lame... you should stand for your own rights.. care less about others.. more about yourself.. you worth more than those Turks.. you can be nice, but there will always be a limit.. if you pass beyond the limit, you are just plain stupid.. somehow being evil sounds better.. care less about what people said.. in time, people get used to you..

emo behaviour.. some just cant get their hands off it.. while others are having fun.. he is down.. when others laugh.. he gave the anguish look.. when others want to live long.. he keep on saying " kill me".. hah.. they are just plain weird.. i would say cheer up man.. life is not about crying.. it's about all emotions.. not sadness and morbidity only..

that does it for now..



Ariff Dean said...

just kill me already
muahahahaha papejela
SIR! ngeh3~~

Anonymous said...

hahahah... weird...
probbly.. ppl are nice coz thy are??
and who do u have ur eyes on now anyways???

Rayyan Haries Ean Rael@ Park Ha Ki said...

indeed a very strong writing towards others. even myself felt like i'm the one you wrote about in the post.hehehe. self-reflect. you have points there.i'm impressed!

p/s: i had been telling that 'guy' that he had been used for thounsand times already!he really need to let go. its not worth of living at all.And to Dear you[the'guy'], if you come across this comment. take our advice, ditch him. please....its for your own good dear!

btw, hope nobody will feel hurt by my commotion. its just my thoughts! =)