Monday, January 12, 2009


who would have thought that life can somehow be very tiring and stressful. especially at a very young age. with all the problems pouring down on the same time without enough time for us, people to think about it.

sometimes you get stuck on the problems that you have created, while sometimes you are not even connected to it but looks as if you are the one in fault. all this thing just tiring me up and somehow i hope it will end someday.

i always dream of living a life that is so easy, without any problem and i will just get everything settled and done. but some how the reality is not like that. it willl never be a bed of roses. it is still full of roses, but also full of hurtful thorns and lustful scent that will control our mind to do things that we should never do..

friendship and love..
this two words are the best and the worst words in existence. it can bring you laughter and joy, but not forgetting tears and despair. sometimes when people wanted more than just friendship, it could end up with no relationship at all. friends become enemies, while others take sides. some will believe in the truth and some will believe what they want to believe. relationship and friendship that has been built for years can easily brought down but one simple matter...



Rayyan Haries Ean Rael@ Park Ha Ki said...

couldn't agree more with you,
sometime you feel like killing people with your loads of problem.

but somehow we managed to pull through rite!

just need some moment alone i guess.

problems need solutions.
solutions need problems.
its a combo.

life is always not easy.