Friday, January 2, 2009

i miss being loved..

how i miss being loved by someone. it is the time when you know, even if you are alone, there will always be someone who remembers you. someone that just fill in the emptyness in your hearts. that completes your life. that will make sure there will always be a smile on your face. someone that will share your sadness. someone who will care for u with all their hearts. someone who can't bear to see ur tears..

how i miss those feelings. i wish it never stops. but then, sometimes good things comes to an end. just wish things could forever stay that nice.. without being affected the bumpy roads that waits ahead..

i want to be loved again.. by someone who love me as much as i loved them.. it is deeper than the sea and wider than the world.. the love that is beyond the universe..

i need to be loved again..


Rayyan Haries Ean Rael@ Park Ha Ki said...

salam dear,

i'll be there for you forever and ever!ahaks.hehehehe

there'll be someone special for you one fine day.just believe in HIM.

you are special and will always be.

nice blog....