Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the truth revealed..

this is a continuation to my previous post.. due to my uncertainty.. i called him to settle things up.. and guess what.. to my surprise.. he'd been expecting my call.. once i heard that.. i bombard him with questions.. in the same manner he did to me previously.. and how he was blown away by m questions.. and his answer was "it was all a game".. how furious was i at that time.. but he does admit to several other stuffs that i've thrown to him.. so, everything was cleared.. but still, i would never agree to any reconciliation offer.. our time has passed.. let it go..

then, i've been browsing through many blogs nowadays.. mostly of course my friends.. but there are also others who i had no idea of who they are.. and some were shocking.. recently.. there was an outbreak to write goodbye notes in your blog.. and most of them did this..and somehow.. they really know with who they were hanging out with.. i hardly know my classmate that well.. i only know their names and nothing more.. try my best not to meddle with peoples' lives.. maybe i'll do one later.. just maybe.. then, hidden secrets of others also were revealed.. who would have thought someone so innocent looking is so not the person they are looking in their actual life.. hehe.. life.. two faces.. hypocrisy.. funny how life plays with us..



Hunkiecrush said...

shut up shy.
i just realize u have no one in particular
you would miss!
or maybe you HAVE but u just dont
feel like telling
hahaha. :p

Anonymous said...

lol.. sai.. i miss u!!

i wtched betty and dh last nite and i gt bored coz no one was there to wtch them with me.. its so upsetting..
huhuu.. btw.. cud i have ur ym add??

= P

Lin O said...

oh so true!

Sparrow_Wing said...

Wow, ur beginning to sound very the 'emo' nowadays. y don't u just write about whoever it is that u want to write about and credit the rest of the unknowns as oh IDK:- "The Unknowns"? Hahaha. JK. Maybe u can call 'em "All the little Anonymous ppl" but that would be just as mean if not even worst! Lol.

Oh, well, am glad ur moving on frm said 'guy'.

c ya 'round,

sysco said...

boi: yeah.. sort of..
aj: huhu.. miss the times..
lin: huhu
lily: nice idea..