Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Waiting for an answer..

I have known this person for so long.. Since I was still in secondary school.. We were once together as an item but for all the wrong reason.. I used *** to forget about my past relationship.. the person take me although *** is already in another relationship.. but it doesn’t last that long.. we end up in separate ways as I could not lie to my heart and *** partner.. so, we get on with our life.. then, things happened again in my life.. I seek for *** again to heal my broken heart.. again, the wrong reason.. we almost did something bad.. but it did not happen.. luckily.. after a while.. i said enough with this lying and end my relationship with *** again.. and get on with life.. then, being single and no one in my mind, i still seek for ***.. *** is my comfort.. *** is always there when i need ***.. every time i have problem, although *** cant help, *** will always be there.. and *** even sing to me one of the most loveliest song without i expecting any from *** and i think.. maybe *** is the one i’ve been looking for.. after much consideration and advice from a friend, i decided to try my luck with *** this time.. who knows.. third time is the luck.. i confessed everything to *** and say i truly love *** this time and won’t play *** feeling anymore.. *** was startled by my confession and ask me to give*** time to think about it.. so, i give *** what *** need and will never push ***.. it’s up to *** now.. can’t wait for Monday where all will be revealed..


*when you look me in the eyes- JoBro*
(written on friday)