Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Festivity catastrophe..

During festivities..we can never know what is going to happen next.. things might go smoothly as planned or mishap might happen and we are so not prepared for it.. well, in my case, the second scenario happened.. just when we were busy with my uncle’s wedding feast.. i was shocked at the glance of my ex at the feast.. what in the heck is +++ doing here?? Only later to find out that +++ is invited by my uncle himself.. they are friends.. say what!!.. i cant focus because of it ok.. everything goes wrong for me.. and seeing +++ with partner kills me inside.. i feel like attacking.. hey, i still love +++.. we separate because of principle collides with love.. haish.. hated it.. seeing +++ there without being able to do anything.. then, families.. when they gather means there are stories to tell.. and they cant be not so nice sometimes.. hmm.. i don’t want to talk or get involved in it.. let them be.. even when things involve me..