Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rejected due to circumstances..

After the long wait.. the answer is finally revealed.. and it’s a no.. and im ok with it.. hehe.. weird right.. and it is because we could not face the distance that we might face later in life as im pursuing my studies in other state.. not in my hometown.. and when we are far away from each other, we tend to do something that could ruin our relationship.. so, *** chose not to pursue with the idea of being partners.. ok, at first i was disappointed.. but then again.. look on the bright side.. we are now certain of our feeling and we are going to cherish the moment that we have right now.. for now, we are dating but we are not an item.. we are more than friends but less than partners.. that’s the status.. haha.. love ya.. you will always be my comfort and i don’t have to worry about going out with others and hurt your feeling.. and the same goes to you..

*loving somebody*


aj_hadzmy said...

hey.. man.. thinks wud go ur way when its rite..
in the mean time, enjoy the moment
= P

Topboii said...

oh, its like TEMAN TAPI MESRA. :p

sysco said...

aj: thanks..
boi: agk la.. but more..

Zouq said...

now i know what do u mean by 'waiting something to happen'....only by reading ur blog i'll get updated news then.heheehe

btw..maybe god still luv u