Thursday, June 18, 2009

What do you expect?

Have you ever heard stories where one person is unfaithful and he/she expects the partner to be faithful.. and worst.. controlling the partner.. check about the partners whereabout or what he/she is doing while being unfaithful at the same time.. better still, ask their partner about who are the girls/guys that recently appear in their life and tell their partner to get away from those people.. wow.. im amazed by this kind of people.. how can you expect something like that when you yourself are not doing it.. haha.. this kind of people make me laugh.. you want fidelity while being infidel.. what do you expect.. i bet the person they are seeing right now are also doing the same.. unless that person is hopelessly devoted to the person.. in that case it is your bad.. please.. if you really love a person.. love that person only.. don’t try to say that you loved him/her while keeping at least one more as what we call spare parts.. i believe in monogamy although i don’t resent polygamy.. it is just that it is so funny to see someone trying to teach someone else about loyalty while they have thrown away their loyalty a long time ago..



Topboii said...

that is so boiiiiya. bad bad. :p