Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lovesick people make me sick..

Lovesick is a condition where you can find it in people who are madly in love.. but some goes beyond acceptable borders and just can stop talking about their so called soulmate.. and being a listener to those stories can be painful too.. they keep on going “you know my honey blah blah blah..” and the stories are just never ending.. heck about it.. you know what.. i don’t care.. yes, i do tell stories to my friends about my partner but only when i have problems with my partner.. not all the time.. the case right now is some lovesick people just want to tell stories about their loved ones and see our reaction.. what do they want?.. the look of envy in our eye?.. for some.. they might get it.. but not from me.. i just freakin don’t care seriously.. im sick of lovesick people.. it is ok for you guys to fall in love but can you guys keep the details to your personal keeping only?.. it’s fine to tell about your loved one once in a while but all the time?? That is beyond acceptable..


*Love Bug- JoBro*


PAJID said...

tepat sekali~
like macam la they'l takley cerita kat pokok kelapa ke, dinding ke.. haish.
infinity lovesick super duper hyper menjengkelkan..

sysco said...

thanks for undersytanding..
i cant stand it anymore..

Zouq said...

I do like listen to love the end of the day, I'll get envious feeling. So, they better not to show cmkorang dua je ke yg bercinta kt dunia nie....orng laen pon bercinta gak, takde nk kecoh2
kecoh2 pun..last skali break gak...