Monday, February 22, 2010

being in a middle of two friends,, who dont talk to each other..

okie, sometimes life just love to play games on me.. and one of its favourite game is putting me in a very awkward situation.. and the usual player would be of course me, and my friends.. family hardly join this game.. only occasionally.. one of the recent game hat life had forced me to play is giving present from someone whom the other hated so much and tell the giver what is the result.. okie, i have played this game twice and what i could conclude from the game is the problem is severe and beyond repair.. but is not for me to solve as they themselves need to resolve it themselves.. im just an irrelevant part of the whole situation..

okie, let just call them A and B.. it started with A asking me to give B the present for B's birthday a week back.. i dreaded to do so because previously, i failed the game, and this time, it is no exception.. but, because im a friend, i agreed to do so.. so, i went up to my class and saw B.. i immediately gave B the present and said that it is from A as i dont want any misunderstanding.. then, when B know it, B told me that B actually wanted to give back all A's presents back to A as B doesnt want to have anything to do with A anymore.. i insisted on B to accept the gift, but B keep on refusing.. i finally gave up and returned the gift back to A.. but i never told A what B have said.. A ended up giving the present to someone else.. fine, okie with me..although i know deep inside A is rather disturbed by it..

oie, so i dont know why life just love to put me in the middle of something that i am not involved at all.. and finally got affected by it.. but seriously, maybe life see me as the way the problems could be solved.. or it just love my attitude who just play along.. no matter i want it or not.. but still.. Life, please put me in a better position okie next time..

*life's a bitch*


PAJID said...

omg ur such an angel.. sorry okeyh for ur akwarDiest situation. sayang giler sai.

Sysco said...

hehe.. thanks pajid..