Friday, February 19, 2010

Im writing about.. changing myself..

Hmm, looks like I am going to be twenty this year.. so, I am going to a young adult.. bye teenage years.. you have given me a long time to decide on who I want to be when I am an adult.. however, I realized one weird thing about myself.. usually people say that you will have hormonal imbalance when you are transcending from a child to teenagers.. but I am having it now.. when I am changing from teenager to a young adults.. I somehow acted as if I am a 40 years old guy who had enough with life and not wanting to have fun the young people way.. weird.. but it is just me.. and did I mentioned about my love and passion for sophisticated kind of entertainment.. can you imagine a 20 years old man finding himself amused by theatre performances and is more willing to join a boring dinner party with old people talking about world matters than have fun with friends in clubs and meeting new people… well, that is the current me.. OMG, I sound so old.. yet, I haven’t reach 20..

So, I am thinking to myself it is about time I change myself.. I must act my age.. because I don’t want to be thinking about death by the time I am 40 for maturing to early.. haha, I know by now it is a laughing matter but if you think again hardly, it is possible.. or worst, I will be moping for missing my young age due to want to look matured and sophisticated too early.. and finally find myself in a middle of middle age crisis.. where I will act as if I am younger although it is appropriate for some to call me uncle.... yucks.. I just don’t want to be like that.. it is beyond acceptable..

So, Sai.. you need to change yourself.. have fun while you can.. without forgetting your responsibilities and obligations of course.. people, help me to do so okie..