Wednesday, February 10, 2010

i dont want that to be true..

have you ever had someone you adore so much.. because of his or her charisma and aura.. and the feeling of the person is impossible to get.. which make you adore him or her even more?? well, that is what im currently feeling towards someone.. i adore seeing the person from far and somehow realised the fact that he is way beyond reach.. but that is okie because i love his good looks, his great charisma and his aura when he walks among crowd.. he stands up from others.. but recently, i shared this feeling to a friend and my friend told me something that somehow disturbed me.. concerning him.. something that for others, they going to see this as good news and opportunity, but not me.. i just feel that it is just so wrong..

it is wrong because i see him as a role model.. and being a role model, you somehow must be at least acceptable in all aspects of your life.. and knowing there is something wrong with your role model is just bad.. you dont see him or her as someone to look up to anymore.. you start to think he or she is nothing more than just a overrated normal guy or girl.. damn.. i dont like this feeling okie.. i just hope what my friend told me is not true..

*hoping for the better*